I'm Taylor. I've never gotten used to referring to myself in the third person, even after years of practicing in front of a mirror. I write poetry, short stories, and extension requests for course papers. On my best nights I write bedtime stories for my kids that have nothing to do with proper tooth-brushing technique or why saying please and thank you is important. If that sounds tongue in cheek, it is and it isn't; I have a hard time writing things that aren't poetry. I really write those things and I really love writing them, and the kids I write them for. Except the extension requests; those mostly happen because I really love the other things. My main projects right now are a local group of writers I participate in (we showcase occasionally if you're ever in Dallas), finishing a degree so I don't have to turn in any more late papers, and trying to talk my sister into illustrating for me in the midst of her own art projects and course work. And there is you. Thank you for still reading poetry.

point of no return
cry, Mancini